Here is a guide to get free aslbot unlimited.

1. Open the browser you normally use for browsing
2. Clean browser cookies first
3. Set up email
4. Click the following link
5. Make sure the link generate becomes utm_source = affiliate_127191 or as shown below:

6. After ensuring the link above, fill out the registration email form and click registration
7. You will receive the registration email, click the link and you will be redirected to the virtual account.
8. Make sure the browser you use when registering is the same as the browser you use for email verification.
9. Create a real account by clicking Create real account at the top of the web page.
10. After registering and getting a real account please wait for server synchronization within 24 hours to ensure your real account is listed in als bot affiliate or contact to activate your account by attach your account number will be activated.